Some recent projects:

Short Text Classification

For this project, I developed classifiers for a data set with short text documents and many semantically overlapping categories. See the paper here is a free subscription service for the competitve skydiving community. Users are emailed new competition skydiving sequences every day in order to enhance their training programs.


cppTrader is a C++ framework for implementing and testing automated stock-trading systems.

MIME Types

For this project, I developed an algorithm for content-based file type detection that used clustering and byte-frequency signatures. This was implemented as an extension to Apache Tika . We also examined the effect of file size on normalized byte-frequency signatures. See the paper here


Inf is a first-order predicate logic inference engine that can build knowledge bases and query them using backward chaining.

Parallel Neural Network Training

Parallelized neural network training on Amazon Web Services clusters. See the paper here .

Tying Knots With Liquid Crystals

For my undergraduate thesis, I looked at creating knotted topological defects in liquid crystal simulations. See the paper here .

This website! It's a Flask app I built using Bootstrap to showcase my work.